The relevance of cybersecurity

The relevance of cybersecurity

Why do we need cybersecurity? Cybercriminals target users’ personal information — names, addresses, national identification numbers and credit card information — and then sell these records on underground digital markets. This often leads to a loss of customer trust, fines imposed by regulatory authorities, and even lawsuits. Cybersecurity is aimed at preventing and punishing cybercriminals in such cases.

Where is cybersecurity used? Cybersecurity should protect against cybercrimes, including cyber attacks that attempt to access, modify or destroy data, extort money from users or organizations, and seek to disrupt normal business activities. Countermeasures should be aimed at such types of protection:

Critical infrastructure security — methods of protecting computer systems, networks and other assets on which national security, economic well-being and/or public safety depend.

Network Security — security measures to protect a computer network from intruders, including both wired and wireless (Wi-Fi) connections.

Application Security — processes that help protect applications running locally and in the cloud.

Cloud security, in particular true confidential computing, which encrypts cloud data at rest (in storage), in motion (as it moves to, from, and within the cloud), and when used (during processing) to ensure customer privacy, business requirements, and regulatory compliance.

Information security — measures to protect any information.

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning — tools and procedures for responding to unplanned events, such as natural disasters, power outages or cybersecurity incidents, with minimal disruption to core operations.

Storage security — includes encryption and immutable and isolated copies of data.

Mobile Security — the security of data stored on mobile devices.

The main cyber threats include:


ransomware programs;


internal threats;

distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks;

advanced Persistent Threats (APT);

a listening attack.

From this we can conclude that cybersecurity concerns every person and company that uses Internet technologies.

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