Information security and cybersecurity: what is the difference

Information security and cybersecurity: what is the difference

Information security (IB) is the protection of any company data, regardless of their form. The purpose of this practice is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

Cybersecurity is one of the areas of information security. These are measures to protect computers, servers, networks, electronic systems, devices and applications from cyber threats.

Most of the data is processed and stored digitally. Every day we use a variety of programs and services: we order food and shopping at home, transfer money, make an appointment with doctors, study online.

Every interaction we have with any application or device is information that can be used. And the number of carriers of this information — and therefore potential targets for cyber attacks — is constantly growing.

A cyberattack is an attempt on the security of an information system using special tools and software. Its purpose is to disrupt the system and gain access to data.

The business suffers the most from cyber attacks: the failure of the IT infrastructure brings him huge losses. So, on average, data leakage costs companies $3.86 million, according to an IBM report.

Cybercriminals understand this well.

Their goal is to create a threat to business processes and make money on it: steal data in order to sell it to the owner or a third party, stop production for the sake of monetary redemption, withdraw funds from customer bank accounts.

To achieve these goals, attackers use different methods.

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